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in response to the question, "How long does it take you to write a LiveJournal post?"

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in response to the question, "How long does it take you to write a LiveJournal post?"

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I am not a fast writer. My real posts probably average around an hour and a half, the silly ones (like the bacon lube one) maybe ten minutes to a half an hour. It'd be hard to get a solid time - I know I have put in upwards of three hours on some posts, but on anything of real substance I will multi-task and sometimes even flat out wander away for hours at a time. I try to hit refresh before posting when I do that so it's not buried in the middle of yesterday's posts.

I mostly compose in the LJ web app because it's a pain to visually edit html tags, and I find it easier to just look at preview and see if any are broken. I will occasionally move longer things or things that are taking more time to compose than I meant to spend into Notepad files in case of browser crash or LJ fail. I do have the basics of any post laid out in my head before I start to write, but it's only an outline, and it takes some effort to make the final product what I want it to be. Sometimes I end up rearranging paragraphs so that the logic of what I'm saying proceeds better. If I do that, then I have to spend time editing to make sure that nothing depends on thoughts that are now positioned after instead of before. It can get a little jigsaw-puzzle-ish if I have moved things around substantially enough, but I work on it until I'm happy.

My main process goes about like this:

-- compose with constant editing for content and style

-- preview periodically while composing for main editing including checking grammar, spelling, and html

-- post and then read through the final form and do final edits for clarity, any content I forgot to add, additional hyperlinks as needed and any grammatical or typing errors I missed in preview

I don't love letting people see my posts before I'm really done with them, but for some reason the format after posting is easier for final editing for me and I figure it's only a fraction of the flist who will manage to see it, so I hit post and then blue-pencil it. That usually only takes a few minutes, but it could be as much as an hour, it all depends on how much I find to tinker with. I do this until I can read through the whole post and not find things I want to change. I probably do three full readthroughs of most substantial posts. Even with all that, I occasionally still miss things in the end product. If I read an old entry and find an error I will fix it no matter what.

Long comments probably take me between half an hour and an hour. I am not as meticulous with them but I do go through to preview to check any html, and read through them a couple of times after posting to hunt for errors. Again, there is a mental challenge added to editing in the composition box. Also, sometimes with comments I'll realize halfway through that I am responding to something I misinterpreted in the OP, and have to go back and rewrite, assuming I don't just scotch the whole thing.

Also, writing is a high mental energy thing for me. If I run out of juice on a post or comment, it gets dumped into a Notepad file and saved. I have dozens of these unfinished drafts in my personal catchall file folder. I sort of think I should go back and either purge them if they are obsolete or finish them if they are still relevant, but that sort of assumes that times has re-juiced me, which isn't always the case.

This comment took from 3:12 to 4:06, with two phone calls and handwashing a sink of dishes cutting off about 10 minutes.
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