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This is a chat log from OkC, so don't read it if you don't care for…

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This is a chat log from OkC, so don't read it if you don't care for such things. The reason I am posting it is because I would sort of like other people's opinions, because the conversation, which was perfectly normal initially, started to freak me out at about this point.

him: I like not being bothered by anyone

him: if no one bothers you, you have more freedom

him: and I like having freedom

me: heh, for some reason my brain started singing Janis Joplin

him: I have heard very few of her songs

him: but I have liked what I have heard

him: I am not really that into music

me: there is a line in Me and Bobby McGee that goes "Freedom is just another word for nothing left to lose"

him: I think it is too expensive, and too dangerous to steal, and too much like a drug

me: but I don't think that actually applies here *chuckle*

me: hm, like a drug?

him: I have lost a lot of thngs, but there are one or two more things that I have to lose, that would be difficult on me

him: music can change your mood, it has a power effect on the brain

him: have you ever noticed that you would be really tired, and you hear the right peace of music, and it lifts you right up and gives you a surge of energy

him: it is not a coincidence that most religions use music and chanting as part of their ceremonies

me: mm

me: I don't think music carries the risks of most drugs, though

me: it's a good thing

him: I can see a lot of bad or negative affects of music

him: as well as good

him: but many drugs have good and bad

him: I know a lot of people who are bond to church by the music

him: if you ask them what one thing moves them most in church, they will answer the music

me: mm, well, I was thinking of recreational drugs in that analogy

him: music can be used to manipulate emotions

me: well, music is a universal form of expression

him: Even Hitler used music extensively in Germany

him: even recreational drugs have good uses

him: many of them are fantastic pain killers

him: and had uses in medicine before they were outlawed

me: I can see the metaphor but I don't really agree about the dangers of music

him: I listen to music

him: I am just careful about what music I listen to

him: and it is always background noise for something else that I am doing

me: *nod*

him: commercials all have music too........

me: yep

me: ultimately, though, we're thinking beings

him: the music is used to make you feel positive

him: so that you feel positive about the product being sold

me: there are plenty of ways to try to manipulate people, and it's up to us to resist them

him: most people are not really thinking beings, rather feelings beings

me: eh, it's not a refined enough tool to be used with enough precision to be dangerous

him: most people have no desire to resist them

me: well, then, they fail

him: they have no idea that they are being manipulated

him: it is actually rather refined

him: you would be surprised at the computer programs that exist to manipulate music

him: there are programs that can write songs, that would become chart topping hits

me: what, are you talking about subliminals?

him: there are programs that can manipulate tones to make a voice more pleasant to the human hear etc

him: not subliminals

him: music can be used to manipulate emotions directly

him: you can take any movie that you really like, change all fo the music in it, and it can be turned into a movie you can not even stand to watch

me: mm, I am skeptical

him: have you noticed how many people walk around with ipods attached all of the time?

him: how many people need a sound track for their lives?

me: if this was really available to this degree, the RIAA would rule the planet rather than being the scared left behind former powerhouse that they are

him: RIAA does rule a lot of things

me: they are the past

me: it takes time for infrastructures that big to collapse completely

him: the top people in the department of justice are now former RIAA lawyers

him: they are now able to craft US legal policy

me: but the internet gives indie musicians a real chance that never existed before

me: that doesn't matter

me: they are obsolete

me: big companies will rule the future

him: have you noticed how many ISPs are not implimenting data CAPS and cut offs for illegal downloading

me: but it won't be big music companies unless they adapt

me: and the voices in the RIAA are all about not adapting

him: they are adapting, just not the way that you might want them too

him: rather than going after people in court, they are changing the laws, and partnering with the ISPs

me: there are battles going on about how the internet is going to work

me: but it's far from a done deal

him: nothing is ever done until it is done

him: but there is only really one way that normal people can change anything

him: and that is with money

him: no matter how poor you are, you spend money

me: this is why I support indie musicians

him: all of these big companies ultimately gets their money from individuals

him: I just do not buy new music

him: I rarely buy music

him: and when I do it is used cds, where the money is going back to the person who is selling it to me

him: I would buy more indie artist if I became aware of them

him: I just rarely seek out music

me: ok

For fun, try to guess where I started getting that conspiracy theory feeling. I expect this guy to bite off Patrick Stewart's nose any time now.

From that point the conversation turned to his ideas about ISPs, about which I concede the paranoia is more justified, but I also have a lot less knowledge, so I can't really determine if what he was saying was sensible or not. Also, he's still typing even as I post this. I am VERY glad he is as far away as New York, and I sort of wish for oceans between me and him... or lava, or dinosaurs, or lava dinosaurs.

I like OkCupid, especially now that my new meat status has worn off again. I have met a lot of neat people through there, many of whom are LJ friends now, and my signal-to-noise ratio is still overall awesome. Still, I don't know what to do when it gets uncomfortable, or how to be clearer than saying, "you know, you're kind of freaking me out," which he ignored. *sigh*
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