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My library volunteering continues apace. I still really like it, even though I sort of wish for books - so far I have worked exclusively in the media area.

The library was closed yesterday, so all the videos that would normally have been shelved were instead carried over to this morning, and Monday is already the big shelving day. It worked out to be about double the usual amount.

Most days, I shelf-read as I shelve, looking for videos that are either out of alpha order or in the wrong section. I skipped that today - I still fixed mistakes I found but didn't actively look for them - and even with the increase in speed that gave me, when it was time for me to leave, it still looked the way it normally does when I'm just starting. Because of that, I decided to stay an extra hour to help with the extra volume. The regular shelver was very grateful. She is pleasingly appreciative of me in general.

By the time I left, we had it pretty well licked. I averaged a cart an hour, which is probably twice as fast as usual. If I did it on a more regular basis I might be able to go faster, but even so, that is not too shabby, since it's a time-eating task, especially since I start by putting the carts in order. There were also a lot of patrons in the stacks this morning, so I spent more time than usual multitasking in different spots to keep from hovering over anyone or making people feel like they shouldn't be there. Gotta be unobtrusive!

3000 patrons a day. It certainly shows in the media section, but it's still mindblowing to me.
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