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I walked again today, this time with infobabe and nekouken,…

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I walked again today, this time with infobabe and nekouken, on the trails at Moraine Park in McHenry. It was interesting-looking; they'd done controlled burns recently, so it would be good to go back in a few months and see what the greenery growing back in does to the terrain. Our guess is that we walked about 4 miles or just under. It might be a good thing for me to plot any course I take so that I know how far I go. I called for more rest stops than I needed so that the whole thing wore much less on me than it might have. I think it stands me in fairly good stead for walking again on Wednesday.

Afterwards, we came back to the apartment which had previously been cleaned up for a visitor who cancelled - why waste good hosting space? We were going to go to Bennigans first (a franchise location that stayed open when the chain closed) but since it was all chained up when we got there, we instead came home and ordered Pizza Hut. I was initially resistant to the concept, but after looking at the new menu I wanted to try the Quepapas but they were out of those, so as the backup we ordered the Hershey's Chocolate Dunkers.

The taste of "bad for you" is so so good. Next time I will lobby to skip the pizza in lieu of greater portions of what amount to chocolate breadsticks, with Hersheys syrup as a dipping sauce.
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