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I walked six miles today - except for when I periodically jogged to…

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I walked six miles today - except for when I periodically jogged to catch up from being the pokey one. I was pretty wiped, but at the time I thought it was only four miles, so finding out the actual distance cleared up a couple of things for me about my stamina.

It was cool enough out that I didn't overheat, though I did play the fun "pretend you are going through menopause" heat management game: put on the jacket; take off the jacket; put on the jacket and gloves; take gloves off; put gloves on; take jacket off; take gloves off; put jacket on, ad nauseam. I also didn't ration my water quite well enough - that and the gloves were borrowed. Didn't do quite well enough at preparing. Practice makes perfect, though!

I have been trying and failing to break up my sedentaryness with exercise for the longest time. Time for another start. The library is 2.5 miles from here, according to my trip odometer on the way home this evening; I think will start walking there... but not tomorrow. Friday I hope? It depends on how my feet feel in the morning - couple sore spots, but really mostly ok.

I anticipate sleeping hard tonight, and I hope I remember to take an Aleve before I go to bed.
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