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I'm at Mom's. The TV is on; it's weird. It feels like time-travel…

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I'm at Mom's. The TV is on; it's weird. It feels like time-travel to me.

It occurs to me that I may not watch all that much less video (though I am pretty sure I do, most of my internet consumption is textual), but I actively choose almost everything I watch. Every DVD, everything on Hulu or YouTube or what-have-you, every single one involves at least one click. The only things that I don't opt into are embedded ads that don't have a skip option.

I wonder if the average quality of what I'm watching is improved by this. I imagine so, though of course I can't get hard data on that. Without the flow of TV, though, I might not have learned about the busload of kids that got abducted and buried in the 70s or the duct tape prom dresses, because I didn't know to search for them to click them.

*edit* Man, the times I get when I post from the phone are so weird. This entry was actually started about 3:00.
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