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too much hair!

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too much hair!

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It's been quite a while since my hair was this long:

it's haircut time

At this length, it is long for me, whereas this same length is short for a friend of mine. I will most likely be cutting it to chin length, which is short for me but super-long for a different friend of mine. I am amused by this.

I've been cutting my own hair for nearly 17 years. I don't need much in the way of change - my hair hangs pretty straight just from being combed out wet, and I don't want a perm or any layering or feathering (is that in right now?). Sometimes I cut bangs, then grow them back out a cut or two later, but that's more than enough change when it's change time, so DIY is sufficient for me.

Even though it's essentially the same cut repeated, there are small variations. So far they have always been favorable - I'm prepared for a time to come when I botch it so badly that I have to pay someone to fix it, but it hasn't happened yet. The most recent cut was six months ago now, and my hair was shorter when cut than it is right now, partly because it looks better healthwise today than it did then - it is usually very much on my mind by the time I get around to cutting it. The variation on that particular cut was that I managed to get it so that the ends would curl in toward my face, which has made it tolerable at a longer length than usual as well as seeming to take less damage. It's been quite pleasing. Still, it's past time for another. Not only are you supposed to at least trim your hair twice as often as I do, but the longer it is, the greater the percentage of my day is spent in playing with it. Even if I wouldn't spend that time in better pursuits, there are at the very least more efficiently entertaining ones available.

When I was little, I wanted long hair in the worst way, and Mom wouldn't let me - not that I blame her, she's the one who had to take care of it, and I was always a big baby about hair care. Too late now - to grow it out today I would first need to learn to trim it (or start paying someone!) as well as learning to maintain long hair properly. Also, I would probably need to become a nudist if I wanted to wear it down - clothing and hair longer than shoulder-length interfere with each other something fierce!
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