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this is what I get for using Outlook as a client

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this is what I get for using Outlook as a client

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I was working with my email archives, and I dragged and dropped one to my desktop for convenience. When I opened it from there, it was empty. Guess I shoulda copied it - the things are tetchy, not like other files. And yeah, I know, Outlook sucks, but it's what I know how to use (current evidence to the contrary, I'm pretty familiar with it) and the problems I have with it are too rare, and my savvy level is low enough (averaging at "moderately sophisticated end user"), for dicking with finding a client alternative to be anything I remotely want to do.

Anyway, it's not a crippling loss if I can't recover them; more annoying than anything else. Some correspondence, some old travel information, some info about online accounts. Only the correspondence can't be recovered another way or replaced, and I have tended to shy away from email in recent years, so there's not too much heartbreak there.

I don't need this stuff; however, I do WANT it (given my druthers, I'd have records of everything ever), so I posted a question about recovery to the Microsoft discussion threads to see if I can get some help. Will it be fruitful? Almost certainly not - but it costs me nothing either, so hey.

Ironically, this loss came about because I was getting organized for a backup. *rueful chuckle* The chat logs would hurt a lot more, though!
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