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I'm all interviewed up at the moment. There will be decisions made…

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I'm all interviewed up at the moment. There will be decisions made next week, and hopefully I will make it to the second round of interviews. In any case, I am confident that I did a damned fine job, especially considering that I've never interviewed for a real job before today (temp agencies have a totally different vibe, as they WANT you to get work to maintain their overhead, and the jobs I had prior to going the temp to hire route were not, in fact, real - telephone research (!), and before that an in-home care outfit I can best describe, in retrospect, as seedy).

I'm hoping that today was a beginning and not just practice. However, I don't want to get too optimistic only to crash if this isn't it. What I did today was good, whether or not it was good enough to serve as Open Sesame.

I would like to work for a non-profit in general, and this one has a lot to recommend it. I would also like to work period. Though my core self remains intact, I am having increasing amounts of trouble feeling entirely real without it.

Now, waiting for go home time, I have wandered the local library and picked out something (s) to read. Now I just have to stave off the nap that so wants to happen as I come down from a high energy morning and a high intensity lunch - ah, how can I have strayed so, my darling Potbelly?
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