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a confluence of ink

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a confluence of ink

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Things came together in a way that's almost funny.

A while ago, I heard from langs_place that punkbeaver was having a grand opening for her (or technically, half of their - tricky people) new tattoo place, Tattoo Heathen, on the 21st.

Then, dagmarian showed me The Pillow Book, a movie about, in large part, calligraphy written on the canvas of the human body.

Just a few days ago, theferrett posted about henna art he and others had done in support of the book Palimpsest, which features a hidden city that can be found in maps that manifest on people's skin (I haven't read it but I am gonna hafta, I think).

Then, both info_babe and curmudgeony talked about going to the grand opening and wanted me to go.

I don't want the commitment of a tattoo. However, the idea of three weeks of henna is a lot more appealing, and I've been thinking about it. Also, the preponderance of other people I wanted to see kept going up, so somewhere in this progression there was a tipping point, and I decided to go.

I am glad I did, as there were a lot of good things about it. It was a long drive, but I didn't get lost. I got to ask punkbeaver if she does henna art, and she totally does, at a price that is really reasonable, so I can pay for it easily as soon as I have any substantial amount of disposable income - and it seems like a good celebratory thing to do. I saw everybody else I wanted to see, including the ones who are not much with the free time these days. I applied a temporary tattoo of a purple heart to myself, so it's almost like I was decorated in the military. I had holycrapulously good apple spice cheesecake (the whole weekend was actually terribly sugary, very bad me). I reportedly had distracting cleavage, which I would not have guessed the shirt I was wearing would do (I am totally wearing it tomorrow night). I listened to sociologists chat about methodology an' stuff. I was also hilariously amused by the guy at the end of the evening who was SO SURE he knew me, and listed at least 20 things that he might have known me from, none of which had I actually done. I get this all the time - I do not remember from what author I stole the phrase, "I have one of the 12 faces," but it has served me very well. Plus, you know, support of small local business and all that good stuff. Days of shiny.
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