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I had plans to go out tonight. I have been dressed to go for an hour…

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I had plans to go out tonight. I have been dressed to go for an hour and a half but still haven't left, because I was looking for my wallet... before I realized that I left it in the rental car we used for the weekend.

I know how it happened. I was having a bad day with my meds, and was feeling ill the during the whole drive back. When we stopped to eat, I tucked my wallet under the seat so I wouldn't have to carry it and it wouldn't be stolen, and then when we got home it was out of sight so I didn't grab it, and I was still feeling icky and forgot to retrieve it or do a "I have X, I have Y, I have Z" checklist.

According to the rental place, the car's already been rented back out. We asked them to contact the renters for us and would have gone to meet them someplace if they could have made it happen, but if they reached them before they closed for the night, it was not soon enough for them to get back to us. While there is no way in which this is not my own fault, I still think it is kind of stupid that there is no one to take care of extraordinary circumstances like this after their regular business hours, at least when they close at freaking six pm.

It wouldn't have mattered for tonight, as I was carpooling, but my ride had already cancelled.

I'm about ready to rip out my hair. I still want to go, and I guess I am about to once I finish typing this vent. Maybe it's ill-advised, but I'm pretty much out of give a crap. If I happen to both get stopped and then get ticketed for not having a license, it will be thrown out once I prove that I was a licensed driver at the time.

I just hope I am fit company by the time I am there, but nekouken thinks I should go to blow off this frustration and others from today.
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