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I am becoming my own meetup

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I am becoming my own meetup

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Tonight I went to hang out with dagmarian for dinner and screen-watching. She made chicken and veggies with cous-cous, spiced with the interesting choice of cinnamon - I would not have thought it would come out as it did, and enjoyed it.

Aided by her small cutie, we watched the toddler interruptus edition of tonight's Dollhouse (this one and the last have not been as strong as the first three episodes; I am waiting to see the purported blowout of awesome they promise for next week), followed by The Pillow Book, a movie that was interesting in that oh-the-Japanese-are-so-interesting kind of way for which anime and game shows are the best preparation (I wish I could have gone highbrow and referenced The Love Suicides instead, but I just don't remember them well enough to do it honestly, and I don't wanna fake it). I also got to meet her husband, who is lovely and geek-useful and sparked my scientific interest and recently shaved his head.

Tomorrow nekouken and I leave at early o'clock for the Green Bay area; I am riding along on his visit to his old buddy from high school, johnny_biglove, to meet for the first time in person an OkCupid and LJ friend of mine, kittyminion. If things work out right, we may also take a side trip to Madison to meet another OkC and LJ friend, xanthophyllippa in the flesh as well. It promises to be a pretty rawkin' weekend.
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