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day two

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day two

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This morning I shelved Spanish language DVDs. I also shelved DVDs on Monday, but in the other sections. They have a decent selection of videos, though I noted that some of the cataloguing choices are pretty weird. I understand that is a common occurrence, though - some cataloguers, like movie cops, play by their own rules (NONE!).

Shelving DVDs takes me a long time so far because I basically shelf-read the entire section. The area HOPS! I was told it was not busy compared to how it gets at the peak times - lunchtime, when school lets out and after five - but there was always at least one person in those stacks and sometimes more like five. With so much traffic, it's expected that there will be disorder, and the standard MO is to read ten titles on either side as you shelve to make sure there are no big groups of errors. It just seemed easier to me, though, to do the whole thing, and then I'd know it was all correct. I was justified in this: for the first half of the task, I would come from the cart with one handful to shelve, and then go back with another handful that had been shelved wrong and integrate them into my shelving pile. There seemed to be fewer errors in the second half of the alphabet, and I quit taking them back to the cart, as well, because once I had most of it done I could shelve the remaining errors more easily as the odds went up that they belonged in a part that was already in good order.

I did not get all the Spanish DVDs back on the shelf - my shift ended about when I hit the 600s of the non-fiction DVDs. Next time I will do the non-fiction before fiction, because it requires more patience. The labels wrap around the edges of the case so you have to pull them out to see the whole number, and if you don't do that you aren't doing the job right - well, that's hardly ever a problem with straight alphanumeric order, but with Dewey...

Anyway, I hope this does not sound like complaining (except maybe about the label wrapping, that is rather inefficient)! I am happy to be there, and the times I spend there are usually going to be similar - it's not much different than the volunteering I did over the summer. I enjoy shelf-reading; it's slow work, and I can only do so much of it at a stretch, but I take a lot of satisfaction from bringing order back to places it's supposed to be. I'm hoping to move on to books, but I will be interested to do the Spanish DVDs again and see how much error creeps back in between times.
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