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time travel via link propagation

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time travel via link propagation

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In 1989, in the same hot summer weekend my cousin Karen got married, my mom took my brother and me to see Batman for the first time. I enjoyed it, unsurprisingly, as by 15 my geeky predilections were already well established, but nekouken was enthralled, and thus a comic geek was born.

It might have been a few months later at his next birthday that he got those trade paperbacks, or maybe it was not until Christmas. I'm betting the latter, because I remember absconding with and reading them at my aunt Sallie's house, and if we were there, you bet your ass it was a holiday. In any case, though I never got into comics until the prefix 'web' came along, I was really struck by Frank Miller's The Dark Knight Returns. Gritty, grim, simultaneously futuristic and weirdly, quintessentially 80s - and hey, girl Robin was sassy, man. It probably had a lot to do with how my tastes have developed today.

I mention all this because yesterday I stepped into the quantum leap accelerator... and vanished. I awoke to find myself trapped in laughter, faced with satirical images that were not my own (courtesy of tacit), and this is hereby too geeky to continue, so I shan't, but seriously, damn.

I think it is striking that I did not also travel to my grandmother's upstairs bedroom where I read decades' worth of Peanuts books - it's clear which entertainment got pride of place in the brain meat and which was background noise.
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