polymorphism (polymorphism) wrote,

BSG brain hammer

I watched the miniseries of Battlestar Galactica last month as a prelude to starting the series. Very good but also very dense, not remotely fluffy watching. It was intense enough that I set it aside for a while.

I was going to resume watching before too long, but had no real time tick on it. Then I got an invitation to join a new friend in watching the current season of BSG. Though I generally avoid the TV, I have troweled through DVDs of television series at rapid-fire pace for less reason than that. Between suddenly having a goal and developing a cold that kept me from wanting to move anyway, in seven days I've watched two full seasons, just finished the last disc of 2.5 tonight.

It's hardly occupied every waking moment, but certainly enough of them that my brain feels just plain POUNDED. I gasp, I curse, I cry; tonight I had to pause so I could just howl with laughter for a bit. It's a wild ride, and I'm not really sure it's the best anodyne for job hunting angst, but what the hell, it's what I'm doing.

Sometime I will watch the original show, just for shits and giggles - but not anytime soon.

There's a codicil: I couldn't see that any of my icons were appropriate for this post, so I started to think about who I identify with among the characters, and there isn't anyone too close. I think I'm 'supposed' to identify with Starbuck but I couldn't - I just think, again and again, that she is such a hot mess (though I like watching her mouth, it's very mobile). I might have gone with Sharon, but which one, and anyhow, I can't understand the Cylons; they may have a plan but I have no clue what it might be, it just gets crazier and crazier as far as I can tell, and their religion is freaky-deaky (not that the 12 colonies are any better). I was a little surprised at who came closest to resonating with me, but it makes sense: he makes mistakes, sometimes surprisingly big ones but he owns them relentlessly; he can hold out when it matters but he can also back down when it's the right thing to do; he's clever when it counts; and he's a big old squishy softie about his crew. Also, I was extremely pleased and relieved by an ethical choice he made in the last episode I watched. It makes a weird sort of sense indeed, but I can get behind all that.

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