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a little chat with jerkwad

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a little chat with jerkwad

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My lovely first stint of library volunteering (about which I will write later) was overshadowed when I got home by my receipt of a followup email about a 'job offer' to which I responded thusly:

On consideration of your response, I am cancelling my appointment.

In the space of two emails, "come into my office to meet with me" has changed to an "information session" as part of a group led by some person other than you. That tactic is usually referred to as a bait-and-switch, and deliberately misleading is the kindest term I can come up with to describe it.

If you had been on the level about what you were offering in your original email, I might have come to the meeting, but I feel no desire to work for a company that has to resort to dishonesty just to get me in the door.

Good day to you.


I had about resigned myself to going anyway, just because I am that hurtin' for work, but it was quite a blow, since the original email read like I had been picked out of the crowd. When I told nekouken how it was shaking down, though, he became adamant that I not go, saying that the best possible outcome would be utter shit work and it was quite likely a "pay us to give you a job" scenario or some other scam. His response actually made me feel a lot better, as my fall from the lift the first email had given me was rather harsh.

I already loathe the process of job hunting when it's on the up and up; I do not need to deal with jerk maneuvers like this in addition. Then too, what does it say about a company that they have to resort to such as this with unemployment as high as it is? Nothing good, that's for damn sure.
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