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today on Leftovers Roundup!

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today on Leftovers Roundup!

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We have the goal of eating up all the leftovers BEFORE the next shopping trip - an economy, by the way, that is greatly aided by the vacuum sealer; my brother has been a devotee of vacuum sealing for years, and now that they make (roughly) stackable dishes I am so totally sold on the thing.

For lunch today I combined:

-- homemade spaghetti sauce (a recipe on which Nekouken is quickly climbing the learning curve - this batch was excellent)
-- plain cooked rice noodles ("Oh, I thought you said to make the whole package!" "Nooo, half was all we needed.")
-- sukiyaki sauce
-- provolone

I don't have a cute name for it, but it was pretty darned good - there might be a market for Italian/Japanese fusion cooking. The only real flaw was my own fault: the sukiyaki sauce had a buildup of seeds or something stuck behind the nozzle, and I didn't realize so I squeezed harder than I should have; I ended up dislodging it and shooting a LOT of sauce into the bowl. Normally the solution would be, "Add more spaghetti sauce", but I could not have eaten any more than I did, and leftover leftovers doesn't really sound that good to me, so I ate it as is, and my face melted, but only a tiny bit (as if I just barely peeped into the Ark of the Covenant out of the corner of my eye).
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