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get me out of here!

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get me out of here!

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I need to vacate the apartment for at least one night this week. Anybody local want me for an evening?

The conditions are:

-- free or inexpensive
-- within 1.5 hours of Elgin (and that max is extreme - I might well need crash space for anywhere farther than an hour)

Hanging out and watching movies/TV would be fun, ditto home cooking, playing games, general hanging out or just talking while nursing drinks at a Denny's - but I would also be happy to lend a hand to any project that needs doing, organizational or home-improvementy or what have you, or even peacefully coexist (though I have trouble keeping quiet sometimes, so please allow for that).

Also, just for shits and giggles, I'm screening comments (to invite lewdness and reply to it on the downlow, of course!).
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