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a brief (by my standards) chronology of awesome

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a brief (by my standards) chronology of awesome

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As a part of our general cleaning efforts on Friday, nekouken cleaned out his car most excellently (w00t!) , and I then used it to pick up nick_number, who came to town for the weekend. I didn't make any wrong turns getting to or from the airport!

My brother made excellent mushroom soup for dinner, which I accompanied with a colorful salad.

I got friend snuggles! Then, I woke up early Saturday morning, and had some quiet time before falling back into a most yummy sleep.

I got help unloading my car at the storage unit, and we successfully retrieved one of my twin box springs - now I really can has bed! I will use it for the first time tonight. Leaving the storage, I learned (anew) where the train station is, so that's one more wrong turn I won't take again (ok, maybe that is only awesome in my current state of happy, but I will take it). At the station, I met my long-term chat buddy parkrrrr in the flesh for the first time.

Back at the apartment, we all four watched some Muppet Show episodes during/after dinner (Twiggy is very strange to me). Then dragonjaze, our fifth ticket-holder (and one of this year's two new initiates to both Jonathan Coulton and Paul and Storm) turned up just enough early to be really handy and we all piled into the car to get to the Jonathan Coulton concert in plenty of time. In the car on the way there, we listened to The Children's Hour of Knowledge, a podcast my cousin and a friend of his make. It is quite funny - the fella laughed out loud a bunch of times, which is really high praise for him (unlike me, he is a tough room).

While waiting for the house to open, we hung out in line with infobabe. I was introduced to vet-wrap, which is, ah, interesting. I also met curmudgeony meatside for the first time (for anyone who was at the concert, he was the one who later threw the tighty whities with the Days Inn hotel room written on them to Paul and Storm during "Opening Band").

We had ended up stuck with an extra ticket because of the cancellation of our eighth party member, and my brother found a buyer for it at face value in the lobby. I would have been ok with eating the ticket price, since it was bought in support for an artist I love and we didn't pay the TicketMaster fees on it, but this was a much happier outcome.

We got seats right at the very front of the theatre. Before the show, I had a grand idea for how nekouken, a not-really-a-drinker drinker, could control the strength of his rum and Coke (buy a straight Coke and mix to taste - good thing as that drink was made STRONG). My cousin's wife schpoopy and her friend made it in plenty of time to take up spots six and seven, and we'd successfully saved them seats (that place was pretty damn full). I remembered to take pictures of the people with me - will post them later.

OMG concert!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I recorded at least half an hour of the thing - we had limited battery power so I aimed to catch the patter between songs, which is where the bulk of the funny happens. The main things I missed by that method - Coulton utterly muffing the beginning of "When You Go" (and getting a prompt on the opening line from the audience) - and not-very-surreptitiously retuning his guitar DURING a song (oh, I laughed!). I really do enjoy his music, but I love him for his mistakes as well.

OH YEAH, and he debuted the song "Blue Sunny Day" during this concert. It was most excellent! My camera ran out of juice during it, but that's ok, as it's already up on YouTube. From the angle, I think this guy was about two seats in front of me, one row farther away from center. For serious, I was in a damned good spot. Also, I made up for the less-than-overstuffed chairs by leaning against a very comfortable parkrrrr. :)

The wait time for the signing line after the show was totally reasonable. While waiting, I met the people I'd been unable to talk to at a social event earlier in the week, as well as seeing brainymckinky again.

Jonathan Coulton signed my official JoCo coloring book - in red crayon! He also laughed at me when, after finishing in line, I said, "Hey, I was less of a dork than last time!"* I find this awesome. parkrrrr also took a most excellent picture of me with JoCo, which he will send to me once he gets home.

We went to a "Tap and Kitchen" just down the street from Park West for a super late dinner. schpoopy chose it because the pictures of the mashed potatoes on the outside of the building looked yummy to her and because it said "Home Cooking." We made it before the kitchen closed, the dining area was far enough from the super-loud region of music that we could all hear it but also hear each other, the food was pretty darned good, the conversation was energetic even though we were showing signs of wear from the day, and toward the end the music became stuff that made me want to sing.

We got home safe and all went to bed right quick. It felt soooo good to lie down!

We had french toast for breakfast! Then I took a snuzzly nap on the fella. Once I was up, I successfully got everyone to their return travel on time (even if only just!).

The camera seems to have successfully recorded during the show! We will need to dick with the file format but there's picture and sound, which is so very yay!

Finally, on a deeper, long term good note, I really, finally understood the fella's health improvement - I don't know why I didn't grok it before, since I had read about it and talked to him. Maybe I just needed to see him to internalize it.

I feel so good right now...

* It's true, I was - but "less" is relative, I was still plenty goofy and fangirly. However, I was downright restrained compared to the tall guy with the curls who similarly accused himself of fangirling - and went through the line twice! *laugh*
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