polymorphism (polymorphism) wrote,

It's a quiet morning; I'm the only human awake so far.

It's so good to snuggle up to a friend. I have decided: I should have more of this in my life, and I WILL (currently accepting applications).

I have no idea why the space between my back and the chair back is so appealing to the Buddha butt cat, but he continues to do this thing where he sits atop the chair back and then slides in behind me when I lean forward, staying there for 20-30 minutes and purring loudly - that's a LONG time in cat. He did exactly that earlier, and then climbed back up top and seems to want to support his booty on the back of my neck instead of lying straight across the chair back. If I leaned forward quickly, he would fall.

I'm actually hungry this morning (in so many ways, I miss having a reliable appetite) so I'm going to gently abandon my post as "cat support." He will forgive me. :)

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