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no more couch-surfing!

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no more couch-surfing!

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Of course, the frame still needs to be assembled, and we still need to go pick up the box spring from the storage unit. That's going to be interesting - I am not sure how well the tying-it-to-the-car will go. Fortunately it's just down the road.

Also, I was kind of shocked: a $75 dollar delivery fee just to carry it in the door, as in they don't even put the frame together for you? The bro thinks I was foolish for even expecting that (and seemed fairly disgusted with my attitude *chuckle*), but when I bought my bed frame in Lincoln last year the delivery was free and they still put it together for me (I wish I could have that bed here, but there's just no room). I don't know if that's a regional difference or a store difference or what, but it's a bummer in any case.

Ah well, there WAS the transit time to pay for, and they got it to us quick enough to have it for company this weekend, and there is the very very pleasant fact that I didn't have to rent a truck to get the mattress home - or as would have been more likely, try to tie it to the roof and drive the 20 minutes home with it on top. It's still worth it, I just was thinking it'd be a little more, I dunno, value-added.

I can has twin!
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