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steppin' out (baby not included)

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steppin' out (baby not included)

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I went out again on Tuesday night. Good times!

I was very right last week about the effect that dragging someone along would have on me in bolstering my followthrough. This time I went alone, and knowing that I was extremely unlikely to know anybody who would be there did end up meaning I had to exert a bit of willpower to actually go (though not as much as I'd need to make myself go, say, shoe shopping). It turned out quite well, though, very much worth the effort.

The shape of the table and the noise of the room effectively kept me from meeting a couple of people, though I waved and smiled as they left. As it turned out, though, I drove half an hour to meet someone who lives here in town (which is like going to Italy to meet someone from Chicago, but on a much smaller scale). At some point there will be carpooling, which is just so good.

I had a very good evening with brainymckinky, dagmarian and ginsufish as well as the LJ-less didn't-catch-his-name-but-he-saw-Die-Hard-4-before-the-first-one and some others who aren't getting hyphenated strings at this time. It feels so very good to socialize; it is the best of my New Year's resolutions so far (and I should really go back and see what else is on that list...).
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