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good day

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good day

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Today is a good day so far.

I am still poingy about going out last night - the fun is still washing over me. Hi, smart_ass_sub! *big waves*

I am getting a lot done in the apartment today. I have had the goal of getting to where we can rearrange to accomodate all the new furniture this evening, and I am nearly there and have actually moved some things already. There is just something about rearranging furniture that makes me feel good (I am told this is a chick thing; so be it). Also, it means we are going to be ready for bad movies on Saturday without too much of a last minute scuffle.

There will be more company here next weekend - both nick_number and parkrrrr will be in town for the Jonathan Coulton concert on the 28th. I just called the box office at Park West (773-929-1322) and there are still plenty of tickets on sale, so go get some please, peoples! The venue holds 700, I am told, and I think it would be awesome to fill that up. If you can get to the location to buy the tickets direct, you can avoid the outrageous fees on Ticketmaster and pay the straight $20 per ticket. As I already have my tickets, I just have to remember to bring the coloring book, a Christmas gift from ktp1, to get it signed or... I dunno, licked or something. Mm, yeah, I anticipate TOTAL success at controlling my urge to fangirl at JoCo this time, yup yup yup.

parkrrrr also sent me this awesome micro-misheard lyrics video which made me laugh pretty hard. I heart mondegreens!
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