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I just got back from the storage unit - or rather, the parking lot outside the gated area where the storage unit is.

My code failed, repeatedly - and there was no answer at the call button, so I parked illegally (little choice, as someone had come in after me and I was blocked) and went into the office to try to find out why.

My name's not on the account, so the girl behind the counter would not tell me much; but after I called nekouken to confirm that I had the right code, she talked to him, and said that:

-- the account is paid
-- the code we have does not match what we have in the computer
-- the code we have does not match what their copy of the original contract says
-- she could not help me, for security purposes
-- he will have to physically come in and tell them to put my name on the account

She said to me that once he came in, they could give me the code. That is when I went from frustrated but polite to sarcastic, saying "Presumably when he comes in here, you can give it to him directly!" as I was walking out to my car to make the 17 point turn needed to get out of the awkward illegal space.

Some people, once employed in a position that involves customer interaction, do their best to help every customer. I'm that type, and that's what resonates with me. This girl seemed disinclined to find a way to help me, which I am betting it would have been possible to do without breaking any rules, if she had cared to do so. If I had had the amount of time I usually do in which to dick around, I would have asked to be escorted up to the unit, the padlock of which would of course have opened with the key I have on my keychain, but unusually, I happen to have plans for tonight, and all I wanted was to get some different shoes and try to find some stockings - so it is annoying but not critical, and not worth being as late as it would have made me.

I am severely frustrated that I went to the bother of leaving early and going over there just to be thwarted, but it is better than us going over after the office closed and being unable to get in with no clue as to why. As it is, I am thinking that whenever he does go in to put my name on, we should try to make them explain how we have been getting in and out for the last two months. I feel like complaining to the management - I have enough real problems without needing to deal with unnecessary petty ones too.
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