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There will be a bad movie night in Elgin at nekouken's place…

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MST - black and white means art!
There will be a bad movie night in Elgin at nekouken's place (sadly, this is really not a place for the cat-allergic, but there is a cat free venue for sometimes use, so do not rule this out completely), on Saturday, February 21, starting at 3 and ending at whenever we run out of people (we will not run out of bad movies).

Local people: if you can come, lemme know!

Non-local people: I miss you! Come see me! We have crash space (and on a more realistic level, gimme a shout if you are planning travel into this area in any upcoming month, because these things can be arranged to accomodate you)!

Exclamation-points-haters: Why on earth do you even know me?!

This is a not-early-enough notice; we are still working out the kinks of this process. LJ may not be the best invite method for us and ours, but so far we are totally failing to successfully coordinate, for example, email or anything else at all. It's a process, watch me grow!
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