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The lameness of the "T-shirts not drugs" ad I posted about earlier…

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The lameness of the "T-shirts not drugs" ad I posted about earlier reminded me of the video to Weezer's "Pork and Beans", which contains a much cooler reference to the original T-shirt wackiness (the Guinness world record for number of T-shirts worn at once being broken), along with I do not even know how many other things of internetness.

I have actually learned about the source of one of these memetic internet thingies in just the last month (the Numa Numa dance guy). There may still be others - I still do not know what the girl in the rainbow legwarmers references, if anything, and it's hard to recognize that there's a reference happening when you haven't seen the source material. In any case, it is just as much fun to watch now as it was the first time I saw it. It is like some kind of surreal fanfic in which all of YouTube is a big snuzzly slumber party... if it could ever happen IRL, I would not want to go to that party*, but as a fantasy it is just really really cute. I am grateful for that cuteness, as there are broad swaths of the internet for which I do not want to see fanfics, ever.

Also, I like the song a lot a lot, even though the idea of eating candy and pork and beans together - or really, eating pork and beans at all - kinda makes me want to hurl.

Also also, I am not sure exactly why, but the fake runny mascara (at :59 and 2:13 in the video) has a weirdly trashy hotness to it which the original weepiness did not, and which I don't profess to understand.

* The YouTube Supa-Slumba Party would be an utter nightmare, with many the retinas and/or brains being permanently scarred by the disturbing visuals: there would be sooo many animals to clean up after; people would frequently disappear to be replaced with signs saying, "This partygoer has been removed for copyright infringement;" children, after finishing their Star Wars synopses and liberal harangues, would become cranky, loud and destructive; and for every actual invitee, there would be 4000 semi-literate idiots standing outside the building, throwing leaflets announcing adoration, loathing and that ignoring leaflets will do to you just what watching the video from The Ring would. It would all end with a huge raid from the Feds and the RIAA.
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