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Today, nekouken took a half day from work so we could venture…

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Today, nekouken took a half day from work so we could venture into the city and pick up 8 tickets to see Jonathan Coulton on February 28th. We considered using it as an opportunity to practice using public transportation, but decided to drive to maintain control of the timeline (as the box office closes at 5) and to do a practice run of finding the venue, obtaining parking, etc., etc.

The mission has been accomplished - and we saved at least 60 dollars by avoiding a $7.50 convenience per ticket charge via Ticketmaster. It may have been more, as there was another $2 fee, but I don't know if that was per ticket.

I'll post the links later when I'm not posting from the phone and can cut and paste, but the venue is Park West on Armitage in Chicago, and there is a link to the Ticketmaster page a couple of blog entries down on www.jonathancoulton.com. I encourage everyone to go buy them (now that I've got mine).
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