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PETA girl today!

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PETA girl today!

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So PETA had an ad banned from the Superbowl:

'Veggie Love': PETA's Banned Super Bowl Ad

(I can't get the embedded video to replay in preview, so if it doesn't work, select your player here.)

This raises so many questions for me:

-- What studies are being cited regarding the stated correlation between vegetarianism and good sex? I want data!

-- Could any such study conceivably prove causation? Seriously, GIVE ME DATA.

-- With all the veggies out there... broccoli? Really? Interspecies midget Ent porn is not the way I would have gone.

-- Is it wrong to find this picture (used by a blogger to illustrate a post about the ad in a way I found somewhat misleading) steaming, broiling, braisingly, stir-fryingly hot?

-- Is it remotely grammatical to make adverbs the way I just did, and why did my mental word fabricator tell me not to do it uniformly?

-- How does PETA have time to be so crazypants in Crazytown when they could be filming hot women with fresh produce?

-- What the fucking FUCK is that girl going to do with that pumpkin?

I have to wonder if ANY of what I'm thinking is the result PETA wanted. If the goal was site hits, mission accomplished, but I have to wonder how much that really does for them - is there a wide demographic who could be converted by sexual images to give up meat?
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