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I didn't need life to get more interesting THIS way

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I didn't need life to get more interesting THIS way

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Tonight I got sick... and it physically felt exactly the same as when I accidentally double-dosed on my meds last month. Then as now, highly sucktastic.

It is POSSIBLE I took my meds twice, but I really really do not believe that I did. I did take them after we finished eating, and that might be the culprit as they are supposed to be taken before, but I have remembered a forgotten dose just after I finished eating before and taken it as I finished dessert before and not had this happen. Maybe the interval was somehow longer than I thought and that made my stomach rebel? I just don't know.

In any case, the problem waxed, peaked and waned very quickly - the shakes and the utterly weird stammering as I struggled to speak went away quickly. I have had some water and now I think sleep is in order.
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