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dino dream

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dino dream

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I was in a building, big, empty, wooden, lots of stairs. I had a companion, and there were dinosaurs all over looking to find and kill us. I'm pretty sure they were smaller than us, just under five feet high - I don't have a good scale as they never actually got into a room with us, during the first part of the dream I was only seeing them because it was this movie-like dream giving me images of them as in other camera angles - but we had no way to kill them, and they were all over the place. The only way to stay alive was to be smarter than them and find safe places.

Another guy turned up, and we three tried to close ourselves into a room to stay safe inside, but I didn't think it was working, and I wanted to get AWAY. I climbed out the window and onto a latticelike wooden framework a ways off the ground and the others followed me. There were multiple levels of lattice - the building might have been under construction, and in any case extended from the building. Once we were outside, it was obvious that the building was built on the shore, and even extended out over water. There was also some kind of platform on the water itself - not rigid like a dock, but floating right on the water.

A guy came walking out of the building toward us, knew right where we were. I knew he was safe as we were not, and he started telling us that this was a videogame. Was that a metaphor or were we pixels somehow cruelly conscious of our probable fates? I couldn't say. However, he didn't seem villainous, just matter of fact. He wasn't a hologram or some other kind of non-person, either, or at least not a very good one, as he made a slip. He told us there was a ship under water that was observing us.

One of my companions chose this point to stop listening to him, and take the risk of dropping onto the floating platform. It was covered with a white tarp, and he either made or found a hole in the water-borne platform under the tarp and dropped through into the water, pulling the tarp over the opening to keep him from being visible to the dinosaurs. Not knowing what else to do, the other two of us followed, at which point my POV split between female me and the actionier guy.

The underside of the platform was hollow, so there was a small space for breathing and talking. Action-me explained that if there was a ship under this platform, we could find it and use it to escape. Our odds were good of finding it because we were so close to shore, and the bottom was reachable. We started diving and coming back up for air, and this was when I woke up.

If I'd stayed asleep long enough to find it, I kind of think it would have been a spaceship, saucerlike but not silvery - I was looking for a warm reddish brown roundness. It is strange to me how much awareness I had in this dream, as I generally just follow the flow. How three people bare to the water were going to take control of ANY vessel capable of parking underwater, however, I have no idea. I wish I could have seen it.
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