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Watching the inauguration. Yanno, I've never actually watched one of…

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Watching the inauguration. Yanno, I've never actually watched one of these before, even when the guy I voted for won. This one is different for a plethora of reasons.

Should I care that he swore on the same Bible Lincoln used? I am somewhat dismayed by just how religious a ceremony this appears to be, and yet, I still find that physical continuity meaningful.

Right now I'm partaking in ritual as I seldom do, and maybe that rarity gives it some of the power I'm feeling, but not all. Some of it is just plain the fact that my public face as an American citizen is no longer a wretchedly inarticulate monkey boy. Some of it, though, is the vastness of that sea of tiny flags waving madly, those waves of voices chanting his name.

This is a pageant, and the part that matters is what's coming afterwards. Sometimes, though, it's good to share the show beforehand.

Gotta say, I found myself wondering how the band members felt, having been in that herald/prop position of "Ok, you guys play and then sit there and don't move or do anything distracting!" in the past myself. Good thing I was never in band - I surely would have dropped a cymbal or tuba or something else loud in the middle of Obama's speech.
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