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it bears repeating

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it bears repeating

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So, this assignment ends today. I am okay with that; I feel energized for the job hunt to come, and it's a good way to remind myself of the bottom line on what I need in a job beyond a paycheck: I can cope a whole lot better with being overworked and underappreciated than I can with being paid to sit like a lump*.

I've got eight minutes to wait out; tomorrow I finish the temp agency-oriented tasks I wold have done on Monday had I not had paying work.

This was enough to give me a big boost on that whole "sunk in a well of depression" thing that I generally get from job-hunting. Hopefully I can hang onto that until I find something full time.

*Unless it's babysitting, in which case I'm putting the kids to bed ASAP so I can read.
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