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because it just is blue

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because it just is blue

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So, I'm posting from my Blackberry. I hate to say it, but I'm bored, and I am just a temp, so in spite of the fact that I can easily have nothing to do for fifteen or twenty minute stretches, I don't want to get online from the computer before me - or get caught playing Minesweeper (the games were surely left on this machine just to taunt me). Some employers get mad when you fill your own time even if they are just leaving you to sit, and I can't risk complaints - I gotta work! I also don't feel sanguine just yet about sitting here writing in a paper journal, though I did bring one and will probably be feeling ballsy enough to write in it by afternoon if I don't get some more filing to organize or mail to sort or SOMETHING. Meanwhile, though, this seems least likely to cause me trouble.

Anyway, the Blackberry. It's internet-equipped, obviously (since I'm here), but just after our holiday travels ended, that stopped working. Now, being home most of the time, I had internet, so I didn't really feel the lack, but I did wonder why.

Initially it said that it was having a problem rendering the pages. That was frustrating, but on a more neutral level, I wondered why. Then a few days later, it said that my phone wasn't configured right and I would need to contact my provider. I put that on my to do list (yup, uh-huh, that's just what I did, and it got done just like all the other stuff on that list). Again, I wondered why. Why would it now have a different problem? Why would this be true if it wasn't before?

Then today I noticed that the little globe icon that means internet had reappeared, so I tried it, and it worked. Why would that be? Furthermore, looking at the web pages, it's not showing all the links that exist on them, which it did before it crashed and reset itself. Why, why, why?

The change does hamper browsing on this phone. Moreover, all my whying has made me idly ponder what the world would be like if two-year-olds had fewer people to pester and better research skills.
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