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water, water everywhere

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water, water everywhere

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Why does the tapwater in Elgin hafta taste so bad? It started being raunchy at least a year ago now, supposedly from some treatment the city put in it - and it has never really come back. It smells bad and it tastes worse, and I dunno if they just added more crap or what, but as of a couple of days ago, even the Brita isn't capable of making it drinkable, which is as bad as when it first started. I can't make myself drink it any more, and I've switched to the wastefulness of bottled water to keep from totally dehydrating. I keep forgetting to drink, though, possibly because of feeling bad about the waste, but also because it's inconvenient (no room in the fridge, which has been jam-packed because of all the fresh foods for South Beach). If I had more disposable income I'd contract with Hinckley and Schmidt.

I worry about the cats - Nona seems unhappy, though that's not a good indicator, since as far as I can tell, she's ALWAYS unhappy about something (oh, my high maintenance kitty) - and I wonder about the people who can't taste what I taste. I feel like a freak (though this is just one more way, and minor, so eh). Even the filtered water here in this office tastes like ass.

Also, why the heck did I hafta forget the bottles of water I planned to drink this morning?

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