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yay for income!

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yay for income!

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Today was supposed to go: drop off U-Haul blankets; visit langs_place; go to the three temp agencies where I'm listed as "inactive" and change to active status by turning in required paperwork.

Instead, the third phone call I made went, "Hi, is this a good time for me to come in and fill out X, Y and Z?" "Well actually, I just got a call for a short term fill in position, can you do it?" Not starting tomorrow, starting TODAY - come in so we can photocopy your ID and then go directly to work.

I considered saying no, as it's reception work and answering phones makes me a little tweaky (first day on a new phone system? Yikes, man. I want to call each person back after I transfer a call to them and say, 'Hey, did that work?' Uh, yeah, that's not psycho or anything. I'm not actually doing it but I think about it on every call). You know what else makes me tweaky, though? Unemployment without a cushion of money. So yeah, tense morning for me with a tense afternoon to follow, probably tension tomorrow, maybe tension all the way through Friday. But tense + money coming in = this is WAY BETTER than a lateral move.

The place is awesomely close to home, so I came back for lunch, and I decided to take a quick shower after eating the spread that nekouken put on. I hope my status as "weird girl with wet hair" doesn't cause any complaints. *chuckle*
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