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I dreamed that I made some new friends in college. One of them was a…

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I dreamed that I made some new friends in college. One of them was a boy who had never been kissed, so we arranged for one of the girls to kiss him. It kept going wrong until I got the two people who were spectating while unhelpfully coaching to look away, and then it worked.

We all five became roommates, and moved to a dorm so new that they were still building it - I saw some unfinished rooms, and also some cabinets that were loaded but didn't have their doors on yet. Very classy place, though, insanely high grade for college kids even if used, let alone brand new. However, the walk carrying boxes to our room was positively labyrinthine (I hope my dreams can stop involving moving soon...), so that would be a downside.

A baby came to one of the roommates from somewhere - none of the traditional delivery methods, just was suddenly there - and I went to babysit/feed her. She was so happy, laughing while I played the airplane game with the tiny tiny spoon (about half the size of a sample spoon at Baskin Robbins). I put her down and then she got picked up while I was doing something else by someone I didn't see, but I thought it was one of the roommates, so I went back to the room and the baby wasn't there. I realized that I had let the baby be abducted, and I felt utterly shattered. I raced for the parking lot and started enlisting strangers to help me look for the baby, kept examining children, and everyone was running around yelling "Michelle! MICHELLE!" which really made no sense, since the baby could not even walk yet let alone come running back, and then I woke up.

Horrible dream, really. That baby was SO HAPPY.
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