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send out an APBeast!

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MST - black and white means art!
To enlarge on my earlier post, I'm waiting with nekouken in the signing line of a live performance of Cinematic Titanic (I will post a link later when I am not on my phone).

The show was eeeeexcellent; the movie was so long and space so limited that it hurt to stand up afterward, but it was a pain worth feeling.

I don't want to go on at length - the line is moving amazingly quickly and I don't want to still be writing this part when I get up there. I'm hoping to get decent pics. I did get a few from just before and after the show, but I didn't want to be that asshole with a bright viewscreen taking pics during, especially when my camera phone pics will not be all that awesome anyway.

*Update: I am sadly prone to starstrickenness - I only got one pic, and that was from back in line before I got up to them, at which point I forgot what a picture is. However, I did actually manage to not be an utter, utter cheeseball to any of them except Joel - I complimented Frank on his Michael Landon song from Make Me Laugh after he'd left MST, and told Mary Jo (who looked fantastic, every one did except Frank, who had caught an authentic Chicago cold as a souvenir of his first visit) that her mugging for applause cracked me up - and damn it, he shook my hand, so it's justified. I've touched Joel Hodgson. It's not a real accomplishment, especially not when compared to his, but it is enough for tonight, for me.

I intend to write one more post about the show mechanics and any riffs I may retain, but I wanted to get my impressions down first, while they were fresh.
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