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As a single woman in a one bedroom apartment, I really didn't have all that great a volume of possessions. Aside from books, craft junk and kitchen gadgets, (none of which I have allowed myself to purchase much of in recent years), I don't have much acquisitiveness. I still have amassed some stuff in spite of that, but I judged accurately that my belongings that were in NE, including my new, bulky furniture, would fit nicely into one 6x7x8 steel box and three carloads, one of which went in October, one of which was not possible and ended up divided between being given away, left behind (i.e., given away via abandonment by the dumpster) or split between being crammed into the cube and crammed in among the third carload, which was driven to Elgin on Monday, December 8.

The 2.whatever carloads that have been brought back seem like a lot more stuff now that they have been unloaded into a two bedroom apartment that already held all the belongings of another somewhat more acquisitive person, as well as some things that I had never managed to get out to NE, but likely would have this summer had I not chosen to return to them instead. We have brought the mountain to the much smaller mountain.

This morning I met the driver from ABF and he dropped my ReloCube in font of the building where our storage unit is. After we get that unloaded, we can fill in the remaining space with stuff that is currently overflowing from the apartment; we may actually have room to breathe again at that point. Good times.
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