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The cleaning, packing and to-doing proceeds apace - just got back…

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The cleaning, packing and to-doing proceeds apace - just got back from the vet, getting Buddha his annual shots. One more thing done.

Anyone who cares to follow my progress (I can't imagine anyone does, but who knows) can see what I have crossed off and what is yet uncrossed on my list which is dated forward to hang out at the front of my LJ.

Since I forgot to post my LJ post from quarter to 8 last night until almost 4am, I'm reiterating the offer of pizza or equivalent food to any Lincoln locals who can lend a hand with moving the furniture out of my apartment.

Though I will appreciate any help (or moral support/company keeping) the only part I am actually concerned about is moving a couch, a loveseat and a flollopy king size mattress up six steps when it also involves a corner - might be hard for two people. The rest of the move will be a cakewalk. The furniture will probably be moved on Sunday morning, unless there is help available on Saturday night but not Sunday. I checked into hiring help, and it would cost a minimum of $94 an hour - and they would charge me for their travel time from the site 20 minutes away. No thanks, guys.

It has been decided that the cube(s) will be unloaded into a storage unit in Elgin, so there is a similar offer for Chicago area folks from Wednesday, Dec 10 through Sunday, December 14. However, I'm betting that unloading will be easier than loading, so I am not as concerned about it.
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