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dream in blue and green

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dream in blue and green

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I dreamed that there was a man who saw a woman and started pursuing her; she knew he was and didn't let him catch her except in the place she wanted to be caught, to talk. It was a place behind small white buildings that were inexpensive student housing but they looked kinda like beach houses, and there were these opalescent globes in muted pastel blues and greens providing the light, so that the world looked like an impressionist painting when they met. She went away to be in plays, but they would have met again if I hadn't woken up with belly sick.

Thing is, I'm glad not to have completed the story. I don't think it was going anyplace good. I know that kind of pursuit is oh-so-romantic when portrayed in movies, but sometimes it's less sweet and more creepy. I'm reminded of some movie I saw in college where the guy, it was Kevin Bacon, I think, got into his crush's house and set up a Christmas tree. The girls I was watching with were all *sigh* and my response was yeah, most romantic breaking and entering ever. Let's hear it for those sweet sexy stalkers! Or, y'know, NOT.

When I woke from my dream I was thinking about those globes, that they were the most romantic rape lights in the world. Yes, I was definitely glad to wake up early.

As a side note, between this post and the last I seem to be getting into the theme of the upcoming holiday, but in the oddest way, thankful for being sick, for going to bed early. I DO think it's cool that I'm also writing this post from bed. Yay for blankets!
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