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good luck moving up 'cause I'm movin' out

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good luck moving up 'cause I'm movin' out

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It's past time to post this: my move dates are finalized.

Wed, November 26 --- last official day of work.

Mon/Tue, December 1-2 --- my boss asked me if I could work additional days in December, and I told him I could do these. If he has the power to get that (he seems confident that he can), why not longer, and why didn't he do it at the time of my initial extension? I would have arranged to stay longer if I'd had work longer. Silly boss.

Wed, December 3 --- I will have 2 moving cubes dropped at my apartment in the afternoon. If I use only one I will be charged for only one. That is my plan, with the second one to be used as a staging area. I will surely pack most of this day and start moving things out into a cube.

Thu, December 4 --- whatever ain't packed for the cubes is getting packed, now!

Fri, December 5 --- final cube packing and loading thrust, cleaning. After work, nekouken and elision will leave from IL in a rented vehicle to help with the furniture and the drive back.

Sat, December 6 --- we will decide, based on the situation, whether to load the furniture (and rent a hotel room or sleep on air beds in the apartment, whatever) or keep it to use and load it as the last things in the cube in the morning. Either way, all other stuff will be loaded into a cube. The final packing (fridge contents, computer, desk, etc.) will either be done and loaded into the car and the rental vehicle or alloted space if needed until the last minute. Overflow will go into the rental vehicle. Anything that still won't fit will be disposed as seems best.

Sun, December 7 --- load last minute stuff, including furniture if applicable. elision will definitely leave this day with the rental vehicle; ideally, so will nekouken, Buddha, Nona, my car and I.

Mon, December 8 --- emergency slack day - if anything needs last minute handling and could not be taken care of Sunday, nekouken and I can stay and handle it this morning. Last day of apartment access; cubes must be ready to be picked up this day or will cost more.

There's more to fit in here - like I will want to do a walkthrough with someone from the complex early on, if possible, rather than getting their decision on my deposit after the fact - but this is the framework, and I think it's a workable plan.

Moving always seems to have an element of the unreal. For me it's strongest at that moment when everything is clean and ready for a new person, and you look at the naked walls and empty rooms and think, wait, am I moving out or just moving in? Did the last year really happen, or is this what it feels like inside a long dream before waking makes me forget?

This is why Livejournal is so handy.

*edit* Sorry, lj cut didn't want to work. Coding from the Blackberry is a bitch.
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