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6/16/03 (really 6/17)

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6/16/03 (really 6/17)

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Typing this, I was amazed at this date; these memories felt much more recent than this in my head!


           2:44 am  In brief: Friday I really was going to go to Boogie Nights.  Comanici lost me in heavy traffic on 22nd. I had stayed one lane over to see if I was actually following her or some other red car (started with an I) ( Intrigue?)  She waggled her hand at me - she told me today she was telling me to turn there.  After I lost her I looked for her until I hit 355.  It was kind of a miserable ride home.  She said she was mad on that day but got over it.  Lucky me!  I didn’t plan well - better planning next time.  I tried calling Kelly - she never gets my messages! - to see if she had Nici’s cell #.  You’d think it was a save for me, the recluse, but once I said yes I wanted to do it.  At least mostly.  But I told her I’d go whenever she said, and I will.  Just hope it’s not awful.

            This isn’t very in brief, so far.  Saturday, went back to Mel’s, w/ Mike.   Reid was out all night.  He got married in Tennessee or wherever the hell they went.  Whatever!!!

            I think it’d be fun to put up an essay webpage about remakes.  Just an aside.

            Sunday’s a blur, but the kitchen got clean. Felt sick and couldn’t find tokens. Up reading The Skies of Pern for the first time + with stomach cramps. Mon - today - called in naked. Mike did all, I went back to bed. Worked a half-day. Told Trish what Reid said about Vintner’s salt and sour tasting like cunnilingus! Karen threw a Kleenex box and hit me with it. Kelly wrote, oh, what was it, “Pussy Crunchers” on Trish’s bag of chips. T called her boyfriend to see if what I said was true. Fun day, but I felt kind of sick at the end. Tonight, finished Mac Hall, read all of Hurricane Party, started Real Life. I am a webcomic addict. 3:02

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