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one of my neighbors is 12

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one of my neighbors is 12

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I accidentally turned on the wireless card on my computer - pretty unnecessary since it's just a desktop and hooked up with cable.

Of the nearby wireless networks at the moment, I see:

(first name)(last name)

I can think of a couple of thought processes that might have informed that last choice. The only one I would appreciate would be an ironic usage in the vein of the scatalogical humor in some of the earliest South Park episodes. Without context, there's no way to know, but somehow I think the odds that that's the case are vanishingly small.

My response, if I thought it worthy of one, would be to set one up and call it Pudenda - I prefer my puerile prurience to at least invite the use of the dictionary. Then again, I might keep thinking, as the etymology of that one makes me want to smack someone, though I don't know who - some ancient Romans or some later appropriators. It's moot anyhow, as I think it unlikely that the Scrotites (or anyone else who saw it) would bother to look it up anyway.

To celebrate this, a new icon.
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