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I clipped Nona's claws today. It doesn't make sense to me that she manages to sharpen her dewclaws all the way back to points when the more accessible ones are still dull. I shall take pains next time to cut them all the same length so I can see which are realy sharpened fastest. I haven't in the past because it's sort of an awkward task, and usually my sole concern about length is not to cut to the quick.

I was concerned that I had pinked one of her claws today because, looking at the the part I'd removed, it seemed there was a faint rosy tinge to it, so I made sure to watch her after letting her go. She jumped away after the clipping as always, but it wasn't at speed; she didn't complain, limp, wash it or pay any special attention to it, AND she was willing to come right over afterwards for pets, so I think it's a safe bet that she felt no pain. I worry about it a fair amount each time I clip her claws, because even though it would do her no more harm than it would me if i cut my nails too short, well, the nerve endings in my fingertips usually send back a pain level completely out of proportion to the severity of the injury when I cut my nail to the quick. I don't know whether the same is true for kitty paws or not, but I bet that it's a survival trait for humans and there's no reason it wouldn't also be for cats, so I would think it likely. Though I'm not going to let her have long claws in the apartment, I also don't want to cause her to feel even minor accidental pain when there's no way I can explain why I did it, especially not "hurts like a motherfucker" pain. She has enough trust issues without me actually hurting her.

I got Buddha's the day before yesterday; he sat there like a happy baby and purred through the entire process. He is so unlike her that it sometimes seems like they're not even the same species.
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