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there is only one way to do this - NOT YOURS

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there is only one way to do this - NOT YOURS

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Beyond clipping claws, I don't do much cat grooming. It's something I think I should do, but they seem uninterested and I'm not inclined to force such issues.

I will at least try on occasion, though. Fella has a grooming tool that he keeps by his desk and uses on the cats whenever they come by him; they like it to varying degrees and at least two of them are crazy about it. So, I bought one myself, months ago: Buddha likes it but it has almost no effect on his floofy long hair; it would be better for a short hair like Nona, but she received my attempts to use it on her with great suspicion and fleeing. So I figured, "Ah, well, not her speed," and put it with the claw clippers.

Just now, Nona was on the top tier of my desk wanting attention because she didn't get pets last night before I dropped off. I noticed that she was shedding fairly impressively under my fingers, and that rubbery brush was still in the spot I'd put it, which happens to be right behind me at the desk, and I thought, hey, no harm in trying again, so I used it on her.

She went into ecstasies and let loose at least a kitten's worth of fur all over the place.

One would think that indicated a change of heart on her part. However, once she'd left and then come back for more pets, this time to the side of the chair , I held it out to her - and she responded the same way as the times before, with skittish flight.

Now that I know that she CAN like it, I'll be trying to use it more often to see if I can get her into it - but with all the oddities about her makeup, there's every chance that the only place she LIKES grooming will be on the top shelf of my desk, where her fur can go on the monitor, in the keyboard, in my drinking glass and all over me.

That's my cat!
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