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LJ disarray

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LJ disarray

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I feel the need to title and tag all my previous LJ entries.

I have more than once of late tried and failed to locate an old post and been unable. I don't see the point of using a digital journal and not taking advantage of the opportunities provided by that framework, but I haven't been using LJ in line with that opinion because I don't have a consistent methodology. Creating one involves work on my part, work that I have repeatedly picked up only to drop because I find the task daunting, mostly due to the perfectionism I bring to the idea of tagging (MUST be properly catalogued!). However, I already have 1500+ entries, and that number is not going to get any smaller (well, actally, I might do some culling of incomplete drafts of entries and dead links and such, but I think the cumulative effect will be pretty insignificant), and to get going the right way in future, I need a method - and I need past entries to be in line.

Why didn't I do this as soon as tagging arrived? Part of the problem was the way that tags originally worked - the tag field didn't autofill the way it does now, which made tagging something to do after the fact, and I wasn't good at making myself do that. I was also inconstant in titling posts, even though I really dislike seeing (no subject) on my archive pages. That was a handicap, because editing titles and tags meant two tasks for any untitled post, one of which called for imagination while the other called for organization and patience (for recalling the tags and for dealing with the persnicketiness of the tagging system, respectively), and summoning both at the same time was not the easiest thing to sit and do for hours on end. Even the tags themelves are troublesome - every time I think of a new one I feel an urge to go back and see if it applies to any previous entries (which is a good way to never get anything else done for the rest of my life ever). Back when I was first creating tags that was a constant argh, and even now that I think I am mostly covered, I still do feel that pull of perfection in cataloging.

I started this journal in January of 2004, and have made a small scatter of backdated entries before that. Using LJ's archiving format, that means there are 62 months with entries that need to be reviewed. Yeah, I have felt the daunt - but no more! Last night I made a spreadsheet with all the months, sorted my tags in a way that will help me use them (as my brain unfortunately is not in a straight alphanumeric alignment), and tackled just the subject lines. '04 and '05 were essentially complete from previous passes, and I titled all of '07 and '08.

After the work I did last night, the only entries that still need titles are from the middle of 2006. That year had some rough blows to deliver, and I'm glad I didn't force myself to stay up any later than I did to finish it. Looking at it this morning wasn't the best idea either, but it'll be fine after work - and then on to the tagging!
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