polymorphism (polymorphism) wrote,

this body, how it does go on

I was out sick Thursday and Friday. I feel kind of weird from being away so long - and tomorrow is a holiday.

Not only is that dizzying, but I also actually still feel sick right now. It was not worth staying home any longer, though, being caused by a group of things - a dietary gripe, fatigue and cycle fun joined in a joyous confluence, met midstream with my response to the doubling of my med dose (which has a side effect of nausea). I hit the Pepto more than once in the last four days, but today I am steady so far, and the cold I have been fearing has not manifested yet, hopefully because of my strategic resting. None of the rest was avertable, though.

Additionally, I have some really strange bruising on my thumb - it looks like a wine stain almost. I did cook with cheap red wine last night, but none was spilled, so I dunno. I am really unfond of having to go through that, "Now how did I hurt myself?" thought process. Filter it all through a headache and being cold (it's not a sickness indicator like usual for me - the building is chilly and I'm directly under a blower, which can overcome even my human furnaceness), well, I sorta wish I was still at home. SOOO unlike every other Monday ever,right? *snort*

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