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what does "get" even mean, when you think about it?

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what does "get" even mean, when you think about it?

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Surrealism has a strange effect on me. It speaks to me on levels that I don't quite understand consciously, and there are times when I just can't deal with it at all. At the same time, I seem to need it sometimes, but not on the level that I want funny things - it's the difference between how frequently I want shrimp (maybe once a year) versus how frequently I want water.

With this in mind, it makes sense that I let Bunny pile up a hefty chunk of archive before I go back to it. I do like it, but I would rather have large infrequent bursts than small constant doses. I don't have ANY comics that I read daily, as my brain functions better when it has a couple of strips to work with at a time, but I haven't read Bunny since June, and now this morning I have already read two months worth.

I don't understand them all. Sometimes I think that they aren't meant to be understood, sometimes I know it's because of some contextual stuff I simply lack - the artist is substantially techier than I, and I've had a couple of jokes unpacked for me by Fella that I was otherwise unable to get. Some of it I might not be equipped to understand right now but could conceivably get later, like some Vonnegut I have read that made no sense to me at the time, even when some others of his really clicked for me.

Occasionally I will both get and not get at the same time. I can't explain what it is that I think I "get" here, and I don't know why I feel like there's something above and beyond whatever that is that might come clear at a later date, or never - and maybe it's the complex feeling that arises from all these half-grasped semi-conscious concepts that keeps me coming back.

Also, the recipe listed below this comic looks pretty kick-ass, though I would need to convert from metric, which seems like a pain that might prevent me doing it.
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