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need more blankets

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need more blankets

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Last night, I was thwarted by Outlook, annoyed by needing to create a login in order to see photos at Walgreens' site, agitated by the clunkiness of the software that manages my Blackberry phone's camera and extremely irritated by the user-unfriendliness and counterintuitive design of Photobucket. I went to bed without even starting my costume design post... but not to sleep.

First I was reading, and then when it seemed a good time to drift off, I instead developed the extreme shivers under the blankets. The heat was on to about 69, and had been off during the day, but I had felt fine when I was up and moving around. My cool chick (non LJ) buddy sven jimenez wrote just yesterday about "the nest that was once my bed" and I thought about that when I had to get up and scrounge blankets from the living room. I really need more blankets, I think - I'm barely capable of making a nest. Then again, I got a WHOLE lotta bed, so it's harder to obscure. I could sleep a family of four - and I wish I had one, they probably would have provided some body heat.

I woke up with the alarm - not the cat for once, maybe the darkness outside will keep her from doing it for a bit - and the light was on; clearly sleep hit hard and fast once my muscles relaxed out of the shuddering tension of being cold and I wasn't aware enough to shut it off. That sudden whammo unconsciousness used to happen to me a lot while I was trying to write, which is why my old sheets and mattress have inkstains on them. Then I mostly quit writing in bed, and figured out to use pencils when I did.

Hm. I think I write slowly. I started this at 7:00 and now it's 7:22. Is that slow for this amount of text? I think it's slow.

Anyway, time to shower and get packed for work.
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