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I'm getting ready to start writing my costume design post, but Outlook will not allow me to access the files my mother sent me - the photos that I intend to use of the finished costume on me.

According to the help files, I should supposedly save the attachment with a differently named extension, except it won't let me access it in order to save it. I would go with the new hypothesis that that instruction is meant for the sender, but that's stupid - how would the sender know what client the receiver is using? And anyway, it doesn't help me as I am not the sender.

Meanwhile, my initial help search turned up this piece of crap paternalistic bullshitty article on the subject, and now I want to kick things. I am annoyed to the point that, rather than fuck with my client until I figure out how to make it do what I want, I'm just having her send it to my gmail account.

Outlook has its good features, but I totally understand why some people hate it, and I hate it part time myself. I'm just too tech-lazy to look for alternatives.
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